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Peter Moore, Charlotte Moorman performs Yoko Ono's Cut How much has changed in the half century between Charlotte Moormans performance in Opera Sextronique and feminist art today? Co Offered in conjunction with the exhibition A Feast of Astonishments: Charlotte Moorman and the AvantGarde, 1960s1980s, on view at the Grey ArtCharlotte Moorman meets the Wertheim Study by Jay Barksdale December 16, 2010 Nam June Paik, 'Robot K456' and Charlotte Moorman (1964). Photo by Peter Moore @ Estate of Peter MooreVAGA. NY New York in the 1970s, without cellphones, the internet, globalization, etc. , was a very different place and arguably more vibrant (though I'm glad Central peter moore charlotte moorman

Left: Peter Moore, Charlotte Moorman and Name June Paik performing John Cages 261. 1499 for a String Player (Human Cello section), Caf au Go Go, New York City, October 4, 1965. Courtesy of Barbara Moore and the Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.

Peter Moore Charlotte Moorman performs Jim McWilliamss The Intravenous Feeding of Charlotte Moorman, 9th Annual AvantGarde Festival of New York (1972) Moorman was an artist of profound historical importance crossing context and creative field. Charlotte Moorman was also the organizer of the New York AvantGarde festivals that occurred between the years 1963 to 1980. Peter Moore ( ), who was born in London, attended Haverford College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for engineering, psychology, and art in the 1950's.peter moore charlotte moorman Barbara and Peter Moore Fluxus Collection Acquired by Harvard University Art Museums. covering the work of Dieter Roth, Lawrence Weiner, Charlotte Moorman, Peter Moore, Boekie Woekie, and many others. Among numerous projects on the subject of Fluxus,

Feb 22, 2016  Peter Moore. Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik perform Human Cello variation as part of John Cages 26'1. 1499 for a String Player at Caf au Go Go, New York City, October 4, 1965. Photograph peter moore charlotte moorman Sep 09, 2016  Peter Moores performance photo of Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik, 1965. Charlotte Moorman and the AvantGarde, 1960s1980s, at the Grey Art Gallery of

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