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Nov 02, 2013 Abandoned Home, Cambridgeshire based in Peterborough. According to a local chap, he was a friendly but reclusive gentleman who reportedly filled every room of the house with engine parts and, oddly, old fridges (presumably for extra storage! ). derelict and abandoned buildings to come together and share their experiences, photography andSee more What others are saying Harriet's Cake Shop and Tea Room. They have an amazing selection of unique tea pots here and good food. Enjoyed a delicious cream tea! Loved t abandoned places peterborough uk

May 25, 2017 Yesterday the 24th May 2017 myself and Joe went to an abandoned RAF Base which was located in Peterborough! This was an ext Skip navigation Exploring An Abandoned RAF Base TANKS FOUND

Thats why we have summarised below some of the most haunted places in Peterborough: If you are a paranormal enthusiast then it is likely that you will remember [ Join Waitlist We will inform you if any tickets become available. Just leave your valid email address below. Join Ghost Hunts in the UK's Most Haunted Locations! Find amazing places to take photos, anywhere in the world. See our list of photo locations in Peterborough England and the perfect hotspot. united kingdom england peterborough; Best views in Peterborough for photos. Found peterborough, derelict, tower, abandoned, pentaxk3ii, framed, pagoda, kid, sages, nice, out, urbex, sagestowerabandoned places peterborough uk Paranormal: Peterborough's most haunted. Published: it was one of the last places in the UK to be raided by grisly body snatchers. Here the men abandoned their getaway cart and fled over

A list of ghosts, hauntings and other supernatural places to be found in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire abandoned places peterborough uk TRACY MONGER looks at some haunted places in the Cambridgeshire city of Peterborough. TRACY MONGER looks at some haunted places in the Cambridgeshire city of Peterborough 5 Haunted Places to Visit in Peterborough Tracy Monger. Website Facebook Twitter. Apr 03, 2015 Hello all. Just like to introduce myself as im new to the Urban exploring scene, aswell as just starting out in photography. Just wandered if anybody knew of any good derelict or abandoned places in or around Peterborough (within an hour or so). We've mapped the best abandoned places in in for urban explorers or photo shoots. Use our search engine to find a derelict location near you. Shot Hotspot. Tris1972 Joshua. Tris1972 Mollie. Tris1972 Robin 3. Tris1972 Robin. . Tris1972 (tmorphewimages Where can I see abandoned buildings and factorys? Derelict, falling appart, torn down. Anything. Anywhere in the UK.

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