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Carl Peter Thunbergs microscope, purchased by Adam Afzelius in London for 21, 11 May 1790. Uppsala University, Institution for Systematic Botany. Extensive collections of letters; Uppsala University Library, Thunbergs letter collection and The Royal Academy of Sciences, manuscripts andHow can the answer be improved? carl peter thunberg plants

The Swedish botanist Carl Peter Thunberg, born in 1743 and one of Carl Linneaus' pupils in Uppsala, was the first scientist to collect and describe plants in Japan using the Linnaean approach. His book, Flora Japonica (1784), was the first flora of Japanese plants.

This native of China has been grown in Japan for hundreds of years and was introduced from that country in about 1863. It is named for Swedish botanist Carl Peter Thunberg ((1743 to 1828), who collected plants in Japan in the 1770s. Carl Peter Thunberg Carl Peter Thunberg, also known as Karl Peter von Thunberg, Carl Pehr Thunberg, or Carl Per Thunberg (11 November 1743 8 August 1828), wascarl peter thunberg plants Carl Peter Thunberg in Japan Employed as a surgeon by the Dutch East India Company, the Swedish botanist Carl Peter Thunberg left Amsterdam in December 1771. Via South Africa and Java, Thunberg arrived in Nagasaki, Japan, in August 1775.

Carl Peter Thunberg, also known as Karl Peter von Thunberg, Carl Pehr Thunberg, or Carl Per Thunberg (11 November 1743 8 August 1828), was a Swedish naturalist and an apostle of Carl Linnaeus. He has been called the father of South African botany , pioneer of Occidental Medicine in Japan and the Japanese Linnaeus . carl peter thunberg plants Jump to navigation Jump to search. Spiraea thunbergii, occasionally called Thunberg's meadowsweet, is a plant in the rose family, Rosaceae. Spiraea thunbergii (common names: baby's breath spirea, Thunberg spirea; Japanese common name: yukiyanagi) is a small, longlived shrub with thin, flexible stems. It is native to Japan and China. THUNBERG, CARL PETER (b. Jnkping, Sweden. 11 November 1743; d. Tunaberg, near Uppsala, Sweden, 8 August 1828), botany. After studying at Jnkping, Thunberg entered Uppsala University in 1761, where he soon came under the influence of Linnaeus. Know more about Carl Peter Thunberg Botanist, Explorer, Pteridologist, Bryologist, Writer, Zoologist, Ornithologist, Physician, Entomologist, Educator Sweden Heavenly in the Garden. It is also in Japan where Carl Peter Thunberg ( ) first documented Nandina domestica while he was there in. His name is one of the most important associated with botanical plants in Japan and he named many of the best known ones of today.

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