Wailuku town party

2020-04-03 21:54

Wailuku First Friday is a free community street party, held from 6 9 p. m. , with Market Street closed to vehicular traffic from 5: 30 p. m. First Friday festivities have filled Market Street since 2008.Festival Details Wailuku First Friday Town Party First Friday festivities have filled Market Street since 2008. At 5: 30 p. m. the street is closed to traffic, and its regularly packed with food booths, music, art, jewelry, fashion and live entertainment from 6 to 9 p. m. About Friday Town Parties in Maui. wailuku town party

Wailuku Towns monthly street party with live music, sidewalk artisans, crafters, food vendors. Street close at 5: 30 p. m. to local traffic for this free community event from 6 p. m. to 9 p. m. Live music at the Wailuku Banyan Tree Park.

Wailuku, Maui. Hours: 5: 30 to 9 p. m. Wailuku's first Friday town party originated the series of events that are now hosted by a different island community each subsequent Friday through out the month. Maui Friday Town Parties showcase our island's historic towns and celebrate the unique nature of their businesses& communities. Enjoy a special night of interaction and fun, punctuated with free entertainment, special offerings and Fridayonly promotions from each town's family of merchants. What is the Maui Friday Town Party schedule?wailuku town party First Friday of the month Wailuku. Second Friday Lahaina. Third Friday Makawao. Fourth Friday Kihei. i. Fun For All! No matter where the party, every event is communityminded and kidfriendly. With a heartwarming, small town feel, each party includes retailers, local artisans and crafters, delicious food and energetic music.

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