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2020-02-18 17:16

A virtually unknown businessman has been elected the leader of the Israeli Labour Party, sweeping aside established politicians in a way that has drawn comparisons to Frances Emmanuel Macron.The foundations for the formation of the Israeli Labor Party were laid shortly before the 1965 Knesset elections when Mapai, ambiguities and contradictions in its political platform, and by the disaffection of Mizrachi Jews (those who came from Arab and Muslim countries). Labors failure to prepare the country for the war further israeli labour party platform

Then, in a new development earlier this week, eight Labour Party members of Parliament announced that they are leaving the Labour Party, accusing party leader Jeremy Corbyn of bad leadership on

The 1999 Likud Party platform emphasizes the right of settlement. Likud emphasizes such Israeli nationalist themes as the use of the Israeli flag and the victory in the 1948 ArabIsraeli War. Likud publicly endorses press freedom and promotion of private sector media, 13 days ago  Jewish Labour Movement May End CenturyLong Affiliation With UK Labour Party Over Antisemitism After Latest Antisemitic Incident in Strasbourg, Israeli PMisraeli labour party platform The Israeli Labor Party ( HaAvoda ) is the successor of the historical Mapai party and continues its path in Israeli politics. The party was established in January 1968, following a union between Mapai, Achdut HaAvoda, and Rafi.

Israeli Labour party plarfrom in English (Visit followinf link, for full Herbew version of Labor Platfrom). Encouraging cooperation between communities on a regional basis a step which will open an economic platform and assist in increasing a local authoritys income. israeli labour party platform 11 days ago  Top British Jewish groups slammed UK Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday after it was revealed that a member of his staff had secretly interfered in Israel Labour Party, Hebrew Mifleget haAvoda haYisraelit, byname Avoda, Israeli socialdemocratic political party founded in January 1968 in the union of three socialistlabour parties. It and its major component, Mapai, dominated Israels government from the countrys independence in 1948 until 1977, when the rival Likud coalition first came to power. (A slighly amended platform adopted by Amir Peretz in 2006 is listed below) The Israel Labour Party will strive to create a new reality in which there will be no more terrorism and war, and in which tremendous financial resources will no longer be committed to the arms race.

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