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2020-04-03 20:27

ReGift Exchange Party! Friday, January 4, 2019 7: 00pm 9: 00pm 19: 00 21: 00 it might be one of the gift cards we hid in the mix! Enjoy a beer and a sandwich, while you and your friends take turns opening your new regifted gift! There are probably a few solid embarrassing holiday family stories that you can't wait to share as well! WhoMake GiftGiving a Themed Affair. Cocktail swap. Give the gift of holiday spirits: Have guests bring gift bags full of the items needed to make a certain cocktail (like coffee liqueur, orange cognac, and Irish Cream for a B52), and then exchange the bags. Or choose to exchange red, white, or sparkling wines. re gift exchange party

Alphabet Exchange. When sending your party invitations, give each guest a letter of the alphabet. Their job will be to find a gift that starts with that letter. ReGift Exchange. This is a great game for a postChristmas party. Wrap up the gifts you received but do not want to keep. Just be careful no one who gave you the gift is attending the

A White Elephant ReGifting Party. 3. The aim is to have the prettiest wrapped gift to entice the players, and to keep all gifts anonymous. 4. Find a place for all the gifts to be displayed prior to the game and remember to remind your guests that the exchange is anonymous. Our party was after the holidays, which of course made sense, given that the regift bags get refilled over the holidays! Regift Swap Party Time! As it turned out, I ended up with 2 possibilities to bring with me to Jacquies regift swap party: a set of 4 spice rubs and a board gift exchange party

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