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Corpse Party: Blood Drive, released in Japan as Corpse Party: BLOOD DRIVE ( BLOOD DRIVE () Kpusu Pt Buraddo Doraibu) is theKuon Niwa ( Niwa Kuon) is a assistance homeroom teacher in Kisaragi Academy of Class 29. She is one of the Main Characters introduced in Corpse Party: Blood Drive. Kuon is a paleskinned wiki corpse party blood drive

Welcome to the Corpse Party Blood Drive Wiki Your guide on Everything About ONLY To CORPSE PARTY: BLOOD DRIVE World. This wiki is dedicated to the creator, Makoto Kedouin. 2 articles since September 23, 2014.

There are several endings within Corpse Party: Blood Drive. One ending is always the true ending to the chapter, while the rest are wrong endings. As the game progresses, the amount of wrong endings increases, forcing the player to be more careful of their decisions and actions. After the Corpse Party Note To Self: Change Infobox stuff! F IT ALL! Let's Play The World Ends With You 8 Walkthrough Playthroughwiki corpse party blood drive Corpse Party: Blood Drive is a horror game. The Korean version of the game features a debug menu that lets you manually unlock the game's trophies (without hacking), thus letting you earn the game's platinum in about 10 minutes.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive is the direct sequel to Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, and is the first game featuring settings and characters rendered in 3D. The game was released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan in July 2014 by 5pb. wiki corpse party blood drive Corpse Party: Blood Drive Edit. She investigates Aiko's room, and discovers the box that the two Everafter Stones came in, along with the crushed remains of a third pair. Kuon analyzes the remains, and succeeds in making a duplicate of the pairs. Satoshi Mochida, Kuon, Corpse Party: Blood Drive is a NicoB Let's Cry of 5pb's PlayStation Vita Survival horror game by the same name. NicoB has stated that he did not like this game and was very reluctant to continue playing the game, but felt that he should finish the series. How can the answer be improved? in: CORPSE PARTY BLOOD DRIVE ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK. CORPSE PARTY BLOOD DRIVE ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK is a compilation of soundtracks from Corpse Party: Blood Drive. It comes only with the Japanese limited edition of Corpse Party: Blood Drive.

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