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History. It is unusual in not selling slices, highly popular throughout New York City. Only whole pies made to order are sold. In 2005, Lombardi's offered entire pizzas for 5 cents, their 1905 price, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first pizza sold at its original location.Ryan Herbertz and Misty Moench are the new owners of Lombardi's New York Pizza and Wings. (Photo: Aimee Blume, Courier& Press) The new owners are Ryan Herbertz and Misty Moench. lombardi pizza owner

John Brescio Interview (Lombardi's Pizza) Its a matter of historical fact, Lombardis, in New York City, was the first American pizzeria. Opening its doors in 1905, Lombardis is still regarded as one of the best. Zagat Survey reviewers proclaimed Lombardis as

Lombardi's is one of the pizza places I've wanted to try for several trips. Finally this one I found myself in SoHo and made it. It was worth the wait. Got there around 1 PM so still lunch hour. Was seated right away. The place is bigger than it looks from the street. First time here and owner was super friendly and pizza is great! Even better is pigging out while runners from powerhouse gym run by and they admire your feast! They all voted for pizza for dinner. We chose Lombardi's because it was close, convenient and I figured since it carries the Lombardi name it would have to at least be decent pizzalombardi pizza owner Aug 15, 2018  Lombardi Pizza in Martinsville channels Italian cooking. Pete Lombardi, owner and cook at Lombardi Pizza Company, honed his skills in Italy and brought them back to

The owner of Lombardi's Pizza says the allegations are ridiculous. lombardi pizza owner Lombardi Pizza CoAn Interview with Owner and Chef, Peter Lombardi As most of us New Jersians know, and pride ourselves on, we have great pizza! There are restaurants in almost every town that offer pizza for takeout and delivery.

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