Victorian national party policies

2020-02-23 17:30

The Victorian Young Liberal Movement has a proud history of policy development, political campaigning and support for Parliamentary Members. All young members of the Liberal Party can participate in the activities of the Young Liberal Movement.Click on the images below to explore our policies that will deliver a better deal for Regional Victoria. Our Plan Authorised by M. Harris, National Party of Australia Victoria, Level 9, victorian national party policies

Victorians shortchanged on environmental policy save oldgrowth forest trees as habitat for the Victorian faunal essentially left environmental policy to the National Party. Labor has

35 rows  The National Party of Australia Victoria is a political party in Victoria, which forms the The Nationals. Originally known as the Country Party, The Nationals have held seats in the federal parliament since 1919. Changing its name to the National Country Party in the 1970s, then to National Party in the 1980s, and finally to The Nationals in 2003, the ruralbased party has seen a steady decline in its voter support basevictorian national party policies Your guide to the Victorian election Its election day in Victoria and Labor is hoping to gain a second term. Here is a guide to the major issues, party policies and how to vote.

How We Work. A Grass Roots Movement The Victorian National Party has a strong organisational structure and network of branches that elects and support parliamentary representatives for both the State and Federal Parliaments. like Australias first female President of any political party, Shirley McKerrow, OAM, or former State Director victorian national party policies National Party of Australia. The National Party of Australia (also known as The Nationals or simply, The Nats) is an Australian political party. Traditionally representing graziers, farmers, and rural voters generally, it began as the Australian Country Party in 1920 at a federal level. If you're passionate about the future of regional Victoria, join us by entering your details below. The Nationals is the only political party dedicated to advancing the interests of regional Australia and those who make their lives and business in regional Australian communities. The Nationals provide a strong voice on these issues in the Federal Parliament.

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