Youtube daily show donald trump pizza

2020-02-27 11:16

Aug 03, 2016 In an effort to appear more relatable, Trump tweeted a photo of himself doing what normal people do: eating fast food while flying on his private jet. Subscribe To The Late Show Channel HEREWhile U. S. soldiers were fighting in World War II, an incredible group of women baseball players were assembled to play in the AllAmerican Girls Professional Baseball League. youtube daily show donald trump pizza

Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart went on an absolutely epic eightminute rant about Donald Trump taking Sarah Palin get some pizza in New York. Crimes include: 1. going to the Albanian

Jun 02, 2011 In a (literally) hysterical rant on The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart, stalwart defender of New York food traditions, ripped into Donald Trump for taking Sarah Palin to get a slice at La youtube daily show donald trump pizza

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