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Diffraction refers to various phenomena that occur when a wave encounters an obstacle or a slit. It is defined as the bending of waves around the corners of an obstacle or aperture into the region of geometrical shadow of the obstacle. In classical physics,[Fstoppers Original What Is Lens Diffraction And When Does Diffraction Happen? by Patrick Hall. April 23, 2012 So what does this all mean for your photography, and how does diffraction make diffraction photography wiki

Explora Photography Tips and Solutions Lens Diffraction: What It Is, and How to Avoid It. Lens Diffraction: What It Is, and How to Avoid It This optical effect is called diffraction. (Click to zoom) A lens utilizes an aperture to help control depth of field, one of the most important tools in photography. However, leaving the aperture

Implications for digital photography. In a digital camera, diffraction effects interact with the effects of the regular pixel grid. The combined effect of the different parts of an optical system is determined by the convolution of the point spread functions (PSF). The point spread function of a diffraction limited lens is simply the Airy disk 2) Diffraction in Photography Clearly, diffraction is an important concept in physics. In fact, a similar experiment (with two slits rather than one) played a major role in proving that light can behave as a wave one of the most important discoveries in scientific history.diffraction photography wiki

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