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Rodolfo Vanmarcke: People find it very funny when I say that the. inspiration behind Inversosmil happened involuntarily. It was. actually after a nave experience, when I was strolling theRodolfo VanMarcke Yes, I graduated as a publicist. Ive always being involved with the creative side of things. Advertising helped me understand that creativity is a muscle that you need to exercise. If you dont use it, it will atrophy. Besides, my first photography class rodolfo vanmarcke photography

Rodolfo Vanmarcke has Exhibited with these artists: farley aguilar. Alissa Alfonso

Larissa Leclair has teamed up with One Hour Photo to feature photographers from this exhibition. Read the initial post here. Todays photographers are Esther Hidalgo, Rodolfo Vanmarcke, Frank DiPerna, Osvaldo Cibils and Sasha Bezzubov Jessica Sucher. Rodolfo Vanmarcke is on Facebook. To connect with Rodolfo, sign up for Facebook today. Log In. or. Sign Up. About Rodolfo Vanmarcke. Work. The Lunch Box Studio. CoOwner Photographer 2010 to present Hollywood, Florida. Favorites. Other. No Pages to show. Photosrodolfo vanmarcke photography Henry Hargreaves grew up in New Zealand. In high school he took photography and then attended Canterbury University, earning a degree in American studies and film studies. Career Restaurants. Hargreaves was a bartender at Schiller's on the lower east side of

Corrosion, by Rodolfo Vanmarcke and War by Children, by student P. J. Lazo June 11, 2011 August 06, 2011 Miami, FL The Lunch Box Gallery is pleased to announce its new show Corrosion by rodolfo vanmarcke photography See what rodolfo vanmarcke (rodolfovanmarck) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Its art, you know. Its just like music: you feel like you can touch it, but you cant. You can only feel it. Rodolfo was born in Venezuela, in 1976, where he graduated as a Publicist in 2003. However, he has dedicated most of his career to the art of photography; going from high fashion magazine covers to fine art conceptual photography, becoming an integral visual artist both acknowledged in his country of origin and around the world. Oct 27, 2009 Artworks of venezuelan artist Rodolfo Vanmarcke. Inversosmil consists in giving the world a shove to turn it upside down, only to confirm that it will continue to turn over itself towards the

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