Double major in graphic design and photography

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Marketing& Graphic Design Double Major. Jan 04, 2018 Earning a double major in marketing and graphic design can prepare graduates to perform a range of roles in the business field.I'm about to send in my application to the University of Florida and I'm hoping to study graphic design there I dual enroll so I have all my general education req's (besides 9 art history credits) done, which is about a year and a half out of the way SO I was thinking of doublemajoring with my other major being photography because the one thing that I've noticed on forums is that that is the double major in graphic design and photography

Art and Design Minors. A Minor in Art History consists of 18 semester hours. (For majors in Visual Arts, only six semester hours of the minor may double count. ) A Minor in Visual Arts consists of 21 semester hours. (Not open to majors in Art Education, Fine Arts, Graphic Design or Photography. ) A Minor in Fine Arts consists of 21 semester hours.

Jun 01, 2011 Best Answer: Definitely major in graphic design and minor in photography. My concern with majoring with photography is that you can completely familiarize yourself with any camera in a matter of hours, and you can take a class for the basics at a YMCA over the summer. ArtStudio Major wGraphic Design (BA, BS) Explore. Experiment. can transfer to any career path. We offer concentrations in 7 areas: Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture. , and the flexibility to double major in anydouble major in graphic design and photography Photography vs. Graphic Design: An Overview. You can choose to double major, or pursue a program that already includes both fields. By doing so, you may graduate with a more advanced set of skills set that are more inline with current demands of the job market. Our list of schools will help you find a program in either photography

Dec 23, 2009 I am currently working on my Bachelors in Photography at Columbia College. I also been interested in Graphic Design. I've gotten complements with both my photography and design work. I'm toying with the idea of doing a double major, as photography and graphic design can overlap. double major in graphic design and photography We offer courses in graphic design, web design, digital illustration, imagery for business, animation, game design, photography, and video production and editing. Our handson courses are taught in the CIT Lab using Wacom Cintiq drawing tablets and the stateoftheart software. Double major graduates within Graphic Design have gone on to work in a diverse range of interesting careers, including: Interface and interaction design, online content production, print content production, titles design, motion graphics design, web strategy, web metrics analysis, and service design. Second Major for Studio artgraphic artsKind of depends on what direction you want to go (Dr Hall @ New College would allow you design your own second major) Advertising Business Communication Computer Science Game Design Geography (cartography) Interior Design Journalism Fashion Design Marketing Photography Political Science (campaign art

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