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To view pricing and purchase a print online click Add To Cart while viewing either image in the gallery. Mail orders can be sent to the address below. Custom orders will be considered. 9am5pm PST PO Box 244, Bodega, CA Jerry Dodrill4. Showing Motion. Find a moving subject but this time use a slow shutter speed to blur the image, showing motion. Use a small aperture (f16) and low ISO, (100) and pan the camera as the subject moves, or use a tripod and let the subject blur through the scene. jerry dodrill photography

It was clear early on that Jerry Dodrill was not cut out for a desk job. His career as an adventure and landscape photographer has fostered a lifestyle that the average person might call unconventional. Jerry is the assistant instructor for Mountain Light Photography's workshop program, teaches part time at Pacific Union College (Napa

Mountain Light Workshops Learn the art of nature and landscape photography from today's photographic masters in some of the most scenic and pristine locations all around the American West! Winter in the Eastern Sierra 4Day Workshop with Jim Stimson and Jerry Dodrill. Feb 9 Feb 12, 2017 Completed. Jul 22, 2010  Jerry Dodrill Photography Blog Thursday, July 22, 2010. End of the Road: New Idria My wife and I were relaxing at Mercey Hot Springs in the Panoche Hills south of Mt. Diablo. Im not very good at vacation and was scanning the map to eek out an adventure. Thirty miles away the road enticingly ended at New Idria.jerry dodrill photography Get directions, reviews and information for Jerry Dodrill Photography in Bodega Bay, CA.

Mountain Light Photography is pleased to host a 4Day Workshop in Fall 2017 with Elizabeth Carmel and Jerry Dodrill, who are both intimately familiar with numerous excellent locations in the Eastern Sierra. jerry dodrill photography Jerry Dodrill Photography February 22 at 8: 10 AM This small puddle, formed in 1. 8 billion year old Vishnu Schist, appeared and disappeared like an apparition in the Colorado River near our camp. [contact info goes here Show Navigation. Show Navigation Jerry Dodrill Photography February 28 at 12: 32 PM My friend @harryrochford and I did a lap of Driftwood Beach yesterday as floodwaters raged from the mouth of the Russian River. Charles Cramer and Jerry Dodrill will lead photography outings morning and evening, and whenever else the light and weather conditions offer compelling opportunities. Night photography of the highelevation starry skies can be amazing too.

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