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Fratelli Alinari is the world's oldest photographic firm, founded in Florence, Italy in 1852. Its archives contains 5. 5 million photographs, ranging from daguerreotypes toThe Alinaris Brothers was founded in Florence in 1852 and its still the ancient company in the world operating in the field of photography. Exhibitions, publications and multimedia projects are made. alinari photography florence

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National Museum of Photography F. lli Alinari Museo Nazionale di Fotografia F. lli Alinari: Map: Timetable Masters of Italian Photography in the Alinari Collections , the first of many thematic shows that will periodically animate the life of the museum. The new museum will make Florence one of the world's capitals of photography and LuminousLint collecting photography Photographer Alinari. Although Rome was the primary destination on the travelers of the Grand Tour in the 19th century, Florence and Venice were also much visited and therefore it was also in these two cities that Italian photography spread and the demand for images of the most important monuments and the characteristic views grew.alinari photography florence The Alinari brothers (Leopoldo, Giuseppe and Romualdo) established their firm in 1852 in Florence, providing photographic services. The Fratelli Alinari firm (Alinari Brothers) is the oldest firm in the world still active in the field of photography.

In 1852 Leopoldo Alinari learned photography and opened a small photographic studio. In 1854 he and his brothers Romualdo and Guiseppe founded a photographic business called Fratelli Alinari Fotografi Editori. The three served respectively as photographer, administrator, and business organizer. alinari photography florence when did photography begin? in 1839 and Alinari Archive was established in 1852 in Florence. i fratelli alinari FLORENTINE PHOTOGRAPHERS ver a century ago, my Mother Foundress, Agnes Mason, C. H. F. , visited Florence, even before founding our Community of the Holy Family, of which I am a Hermit, and there she avidly purchased an enormous portfolio of sepia Alinari The MNAF, Alinari National Museum of Photography, is located in the fifteenthcentury building known as delle Leopoldine, renovated thanks to the fundamental contribution of Oct 23, 2013 This is a historical exhibitmuseum of photography, If your looking just to see pretty pictures, forget it. But, if you have a true interest in photography and it's history, it's pretty cool. Certainly worth the admission.

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