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Peter get's drugged and attacks Stiles, yaoi, Mpreg. Rated: Fiction M English HurtComfort Derek H. , Stiles S. Chapters: 3 Words: I was trying to stop Peter from attack Stiles but the dart I use did something else. He said Yes he raped me and then bite me, thanks to you I have an even worst nightmare, the bite I could haveStiles Is Not A Housewife (Except He Totally Is) by KwonHaNa A domestic! AU where Stiles refuses to accept that hes a housewife, even though in reality he totally is. Completed. 1211 words. Sterek. Features MPreg. stiles peter mpreg

Mpreg. Werewolves are known. When Peter was in university he started modelling, quickly getting signed with Valhalla. There he met Deucalion, the cameraman with no regard for societies disapproval of two alphas dating. Together they had it all, or they thought they did. When Stiles, a new omega model, walks in the door Peter knows he has to

Peter claimed Stiles as his mate and got him pregnant against his will, but they're working on their relationship. Most likely there will be fics written to fill in the gaps. Sadly I won't have internet access on vacation which I'm leaving on any second so won't get to participate next week. STETER FIC REC LIST (On board USF Steter). Confession: This ship ate my summer awaystiles peter mpreg (244, 036 I Explicit I WIP) omega! stiles, mpreg. Stiles would have never guessed that the star player of the lacrosse team and presumably the hottest guy in school who everyone wanted a piece of and one of his most hated bullies would turn out to be his soulmate. (16, 712 I Not Rated I Complete) rapenoncon references, also stilespeter.

Pregnant Stiles: The Smallest Beginning. (2424 132, 642 Rated M) The result of a one night stand is the catalyst that Anonymous said: Do you have any mpreg fics? Answer: of course! here you go! Pregnant Stiles: The Smallest Beginning. his newly appointed guardian and uncle Peter uses his influence to make the test result go away stiles peter mpreg Teen Wolf Mpreg AU Stiles, Derek's mate becomes pregnant with his pups. Derek's still the alpha, Allison is still alive, no kira, Peter isn't an ass, no Malia, the twins are alive, Jackson isn't an ass, Danny is Stiles and Scott talked while they watched their kids watch TV. The teenage werewolves were all friends and the best behaved children in the world. You Are My Mate Sterek Mpreg Epilogue. F Society, 5SOS IS OT4 AF. and Peter and Cora crashed a car and died. They got through all that though. Because they loved each other. Stiles watched Home Community TV Shows Teen Wolf Satan in a vneck and his Little Red. Satan in a vneck and his Little Red. Follow. Focus: TV Shows Teen Wolf, Since: MPREG. Stiles ends up a pawn in the Alpha Pack's game to determine who should be Alpha of Beacon Hills. Mainly StilesPeter, but other pairings may come up. Prompts accepted at my tumblr I dont want to bother Peter and Stiles for too long. Stiles laughed and crossed the kitchen. He seized Isaacs face between his hands and pressed a loud kiss on the fellow humans cheek. Aw, youll stay with us however long you want. Peter Hale& Stiles Stilinski (120) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (784) Alternate Universe

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