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2020-04-03 20:25

No details of Peter Simon presenting any shows between Run the Risk& Bid TV. He has also presented Double Dare (Going Live), Knock Knock, Lucky Ladders Tags: double dare, peter simon, going live! , knock knock, bidSynopsis. The final round of Run the Risk was an It's a Knockout style obstacle curse, sorry, course, which would have a different theme to it every week but was generally either horror (Peter Simon would dress up as Frankenstein. And then fall over. Into the moat of gunge. ), Prehistoric (Peter Simon would dress up as as a caveman. peter simon run the risk

Run the Risk. It was presented by Peter Simon for the entire run alongside Shane Richie, John Eccleston and Bobby Davro, for part of the run with links written by John Mann The games the teams had to do involved gunge and were similar to those performed on It's a Knockout. Run the Risk borrowed much from its predecessor, Double Dare,

First in a repeat series of the children's game show. With Bobby Davro, Peter Simon, Shane Richie and Katy Hill. Peter Simon has over 35 years of experience as a project management consultant and practitioner across all industries and business sectors. He has built a professional reputation as a particularly knowledgeable and skilled advisor and trainer, particularly in those areas related to programme management, project planning, risk management and resource management.peter simon run the risk Shown as part of the Saturday morning Going Live! and Live& Kicking strand relive what was the messiest gungiest children's gameshow on tv with your hosts Shane Richie and Peter Simon.

Run the Risk, presented by Simon and Shane Richie, was later to become a separate television programme in its own right. Simon also worked on the children's TV show The Friday Zone. In 1997 he interviewed the Spice Girls and Boyzone. peter simon run the risk

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