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2020-02-20 13:33

44 reviews of PetersenDean Roofing& Solar My experience with Petersen Dean has been fabulous. Starting with Kevin, Sales Rep. I talked to two other Solar Companies and PD who did not seem as knowledgeable as Petersen Dean. We made a decisionPetersenDean is the# 1 Home Improvement Contractor in the nation. We proudly offer solar, roofing, fences, energy storage, ev chargers, and hvac systems. dean petersen solar

My roof was losing tiles so I called Petersen Dean Solar and Roofing. How it should I pay for solar? PetersenDean Solar4America promotes the benefits of solar ownership which means a cash

Solar Thats Right For You. We shop the best prices and test all our products more than any other solar contractor. Let's Get Started. We Make Solar Easy! A Promise From Our Founder& CEO, Jim Petersen Youll get quality and the bestinclass warranty. Solar will save you money. Youll keep your federal tax credit because we don PetersenDean Solar packages start off with a minimum of 6 panels, which generate 1. 68kW of power, and increase by increments of six to a max of 36 panels, which produce 10. 08 kW of power. I have had an excellent relationship so far with Petersen Dean Solar. My sales person Armando, was extremely knowledgeable and gave an excellentdean petersen solar Overall, I am satisfied with Peterson Dean Roofing and Solar and have recommended them to others. 16 Panel array facing south, photo taken February 12, 2017. 16 Panel array facing south, photo taken February 12, 2017. Connecting solar panels to main electrical panel, January 30, 2017.

What is the price cost for a Petersen Dean Solar panel system? A quick and easy way to compare solar installers is based on their cost per watt. To calculate the cost per watt, take the total price and divide it by the DC watt size rating of the of the system. Petersen Dean installed 536 dean petersen solar PetersenDean Roofing& Solar Energy have an average customer reviews score of 4. 50 which is lower than the average customer satisfaction score on SolarReviews. Yet I felt that I'd rather have a veteran roofing and solar company like Petersen Dean at my side when something did eventually fail instead of a newer Solar company that contracts

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