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Peter Cook& Kenny Lerner. We are Deaf American Sign Language poet Peter Cook (I present the three dimensional imagery) and collaborator Kenny Lerner (my spoken words allow the hearing in the audience to literally see the ASL image and become lost in the movement). Together we create a moving tapestry uniquely accessible to both hearingPerformance Narrative in Storytelling with Peter Cook. Peter S. Cook is Associate Professor in the Department of ASLEnglish Interpretation at Columbia College Chicago and an internationally known Deaf performing artist whose work incorporates American Sign peter cook deaf poet

Peter Cook is a brilliant Deaf poet, continuously experimenting with language in new and inventive ways reaching out to people from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. As a member of Deaf culture, Cook is a modernday pioneer of American Sign Language (ASL) poetry.

Peter Cook brings poetry and storytelling to life with ASL performance. By Megan Kirby On stage, American Sign Language (ASL) Chair Peter Cook speaks with his entire bodyhe performs live poetry and personal stories in sign language (as an interpreter translates into English). Peter Cook: I am also an internationally reputed Deaf storyteller and I teach at Columbia University in Chicago. I love to tell stories to my son. Kenny Lerner: I teach History at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, NY and I live in the country with my wife, two children, and two dumb dogs.peter cook deaf poet In addition to his poetry, Peter Cook is an internationally reputed Deaf storyteller who teaches at the American Sign Language Department at Columbia College Chicago. He loves to tell stories to his son. Kenny Lerner has worked with other deaf artists and is the

Internationally renowned deaf artist Cook brings the words of poetry to life through ASL and body language. Whether depicting a deer leaping into a battlefield or a leaf landing in a pond, Cook becomes the moving picture before the audience. peter cook deaf poet Biography. Internationally, Mr. Cook has worked with Deaf storytellers and poets in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Japan. Mr. Cook lives in Chicago and teaches in the ASLEnglish Interpretation Department at Columbia College, where he received the 1997 Excellence in Teaching award. He loves to tell stories to his son. Associate Professor Peter Cook has been named the chair of Columbia College Chicagos Department of American Sign Language (ASL). Columbia College Chicago is fortunate to have an internationally recognized storyteller and leading performer in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community as the chair of our Department of ASL, says Steven Corey, interim dean of the School of Liberal Arts& Sciences. Aug 23, 2008  One example is last night's performance by Deaf poet Peter Cook for new students as part of Gallaudet's New Student Orientation. The term poet doesn't do him justice. Cook is a renowned performing artist whose work includes American Sign Language, pantomime, storytelling, acting and Flying Words: A review of a performance by deaf poet Peter Cook Photo courtesy of Getty Images I walked into Sanders auditorium a few minutes before 6 p. m. , and as I took my seat I sensed a new balance in the room, as if it were slightly tilted in some subtle way.

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